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Saturday, October 3, 2020

If your Epson printer is showing error "The ink pads are at the end of their service life..." and the redlight are flashing -> The printer's waste ink couter => overflow
What you can do?
1. Bring printer to the Service Repair Shop
2. You can fix this problem by yourself in 5 minutes.

How to reset Epson L210 printer in 5 Minutes?

By using Epson Resetter or WIC Reset Tool.
But this software request Reset Key.... you don't want buy, is this scam?? you want to test first.
I will share you the key to reset your printer's waste ink counter to 90% without Money..  I love Money.
The key is: TRIAL

Download Epson Resetter here: Download 

Yes, key is TRIAL , please following this instruction to reset your printer.

Notes: If your Epson L210 printer is new one, please don't reset your printer by this program.